Outstanding Mature Girlz Organization Founder and Program Creator  Sashika Baunchand had a vision years ago of creating a place of empowerment for young ladies, a place where they can learn values, and the importance of self worth, a place where they are FREE TO BE... young, phenomenal, women, and a place where they can be mature enough to discuss the ongoing issue of STD's and HIV/AIDS...a place where every girl should totally be in life, and that place is a place of balance, and a place of peace.

O.M.G #2019


...A place where every girl should totally be!

The Outstanding Mature Girlz Conference is an INSPIRING, EDUCATIONAL event held annually in honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Although the event may not fall directly on that recognized calendar date, the information surrounding the conference is geared towards that cause. The O.M.G Conference is FREE, FUN, and INFORMATIVE, and it is sponsored by YOU the community. Not only do we cover HIV/AIDS related issues, we also cover a variety of physical and mental health issues facing our young women today, for example, body image, healthy eating, and coping with loss and rejection. We also discuss entrepreneurship,goal setting, and leadership characteristics. These topics are carefully planned out, and are conveyed in an awesome environment. Mothers are welcomed to join their daughters in this fun, creative, non-judgmental atmosphere!